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*Legend: AEB = Advanced Expandable Baton, AF = Advanced Fundamentals, CQFIT = CQ Firearms Integration Tactics, DK = Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon, EB = Fundamentals of Expandable Baton, EDC = EDC Knife Combatives, EWCM = Edged Weapons Countermeasures, F = Fundamentals, GMCD = Gross Motor Control Dynamics, GS = Ground S.E.R.E., KC = Karambit Combatives, LEF = Law Enforcement Fundamentals, MI = Master Instructor, TC = Tactical Clinch, WR = Weapon Retention


Jared Wihongi
Founder/TRICOM Chief Master Instructor
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
[email protected]

Buck Grant
TRICOM Master Instructor
Hampton, Virginia,USA
[email protected]

Jeff Green
TRICOM Master Instructor
Quantico, Virginia, USA
[email protected]

Mark Clarite
TRICOM Instructor
Sugarland, Texas, USA
[email protected]

Kenny Bigbeee Jr.
TRICOM Master Instructor
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
[email protected]

Chris Mandigma
TRICOM Master Instructor
Toronto/Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

Daniel Carvalho de Oliveira Chaves
TRICOM Master Instructor
Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
[email protected]

 Johannes Renninghoff
TRICOM Master Instructor
Hessen, Germany
[email protected]

John Frankhuisen
TRICOM Master Instructor
Zeven, Germany
[email protected]¬†

Lars Helms
TRICOM Master Instructor
Munich, Germany
[email protected]



Jared Wihongi is internationally recognized as an authority in the area of Close-Quarters Combat Instructor (CQC).

His specialization is the integration of firearms, impact weapons, edged weapons, and empty-hand combat with an emphasis on police, military, and self-defense application.

He has 20 years of experience working as an Operator on three USA SWAT Teams, which has heavily influenced his approach to teaching and applying close-combat tactics.

Jared has taught CQC tactics to police and military Special Operations personnel and civilian martial artists across North & South America, Europe, East & Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.

Jared has over 34 years of training in various striking, grappling, and weapon-based martial arts from around the world, and holds the advanced rank of ‚ÄėTuhon‚Äô in the Filipino combat art Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. He is widely recognized as one of the world‚Äôs foremost authorities on the modern tactical application of the combat art of Kali.

Former Navy SEAL Kenny Bigbee Jr.


"Tricom is the most functional integration of a complete, and comprehensive combatives program.

Tuhon/Law Enforcement Officer Jared Wihongi and his team create a brilliant balance of breadth and depth covering firearms, blade as a duty weapon, baton, empty hand, ground survival and more.

The instruction and infrastructure are streamlined, being detailed in all essential areas to create the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time, while also being simple, memorable and immediately applicable.

The conceptual principles create a reliably strong foundation while maintaining room for continual progressive adaptation, relevant to the constantly evolving landscape.

This training experience and program seems to be the optimal solution for tier 1 assets, law enforcement, and personal protection."

Defensive Tactics Instructor Chris Mandigma


"Law enforcement officers, military and even citizen defenders will appreciate the TRICOM system for its efficient and modernized curriculum. TRICOM encompasses firearms, duty knife / EDC, empty-hand and impact weapon in a lawful manner based on the situation and totality of circumstances.

The TRICOM system is expansive and serves as an excellent foundation for individuals with minimal training up to individuals with an extensive training background where they can integrate the TRICOM concepts into their existing skill set. The applications are gross motor and concept-based delivered in smaller chunks which allows for practitioners to retain the content in a shorter period of time.

What Tuhon Jared Wihongi has done with TRICOM was curate high percentage applications in combatives and self-defense founded on principles into an efficient methodology."

Combatives Contractor for Military Special Operations Forces Buck Grant


"TRICOM¬†is the premier platform for an integrative approach to Combatives. Addressing the complicated and mission specific objectives of our LEO‚Äôs, this system is streamlined, emphasizing principle based objectives rather than over complicated ‚Äúmoves.‚ÄĚ"

Brazilian Penal Police Officer Daniel Carvalho de Oliveira Chaves


"Throughout my life as a martial artist my focus has always been self-defense, teaching the weaker to protect themselves efficiently from the stronger.

When I joined the Criminal Police in my state, I saw that police officers need to defend themselves daily, but with very little training and inadequate training. Upon learning about Tuhon Jared's tricom system, I realized the efficiency and applicability of the system for the police and also for civilians who want to know how to defend themselves. Seeking maximum efficiency in the shortest amount of time, Tuhon Jared sought the best of martial art with a focus on Martial and leaving aside everything that does not have applicability and efficiency focusing on reality, applicability and efficiency."

Master Instructor Police Hesse, Germany Johannes Renninghoff



"The training is convincing, methodically very well structured and motivating for our Training groups due to its high effectiveness. Great training successes can be achieved in a comparatively short time. I have already been able to prove this in a scientific study together with the German Sports University in Cologne in the module ‚ÄúCountermeasures against attacks with a knife or other dangerous objects‚ÄĚ with police students and patrol officers."

Mobiles Einsatzkommando (MEK)  Lars Helms



"Quick learning and applicability of law enforcement and military techniques have always been my focus in my training. I found this in the TRICOM program like I have never seen in any other program. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of TRICOM is the constant development of technologies and the so-called thinking outside the box. I feel honored to be part of the TRICOM team and would like to thank Jared Wihongi for his trust in appointing me as a TRICOM Master Instructor." 

Physical Skills Training Coordinator for Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) - Mark Clarite



"TRICOM has provided a way to bridge old Def Tact program with TRICOM concepts to make learning easier for officers; Teaching this program to our Police Cadets has been well received."

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