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TRICOM is a brand under Survival Edge Tactical Systems that specializes in custom combatives programs catering to the unique mission or needs of each individual and organization that we train. Each course we teach can be done as an Operator level course or as a Train-the-Trainer program. 


Close-Quarters: Firearms Integration Tactics

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Statistically, around 70% of defensive shootings happen between arms-reach and 10ft. The Close-Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics program (CQ-FIT) focuses on surviving lethal force encounters within these extremely close ranges, to include firearms and edged-weapon based assaults. To increase the probability of survival at these ranges, we train a full integration of empty-hand fighting, firearms, edged and impact weaponry.

Weapon Retention

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This weapon retention course features a progressive training system that builds your skills from the ground up.  

You will begin with simple drills that build your foundation in all ranges of the fight from striking, clinch, and groundwork. 

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You take your role as a protector seriously and it has let you in search of opportunities to enhance your skills and capabilities. 

If you want to acquire these skills - already vetted, trusted and utilized by elite special forces around the world - without having to go through years and years of training in the process… the answer is TRICOM.

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