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TRICOM is a brand under Survival Edge Tactical Systems that specializes in custom combatives programs catering to the unique mission or needs of each individual and organization that we train. Each course we teach can be done as an Operator level course or as a Train-the-Trainer program. 

Tactical Clinch

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This course addresses extreme close-quarter situations where you and a subject have a hold of one another in a physical struggle for control, positions that are commonly referred to as "clinch" positions in the martial arts. We will be addressing the problems involved with common "clinch" techniques taught in martial arts systems, and how to modify the techniques to make them appropriate to real-world, weapon-based environments for law enforcement, military, security personnel or concealed firearms permit holders.

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Natural Impact Weapons

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Impact weapons (i.e. batons) are a long accepted tool utilized by law enforcement to assist in self-defense and in generating compliance. In the Natural Impact Weapons module, we explore how to use the body’s natural weapons to accomplish the same goals, and within the same general legal guidelines. While tools can and should be used to assist as force-multipliers in self-defense, oftentimes we are in situations where weapons are unavailable, illegal or impractical. In such situations, the efficient use of our hands, feet, elbows and knees may be all we have, and can create opportunities to disengage or for control-holds and takedowns when necessary.

Ground S.E.R.E.

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The goal of this course is to educate participants on the dangers - and potential benefits - of being on the ground in a self-defense scenario. Ground S.E.R.E. focuses on the four primary priorities of ground survival: Survival | Evasion | Resistance | Escape. Within a limited time frame, these are the areas that become the priority in training and in tactics.. Most particularly for individuals who have little to no previous experience in grappling disciplines such as wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We address a hierarchy of tactics from common positions focused on real-world violent encounters, where variables such as weapons and multiple attackers may be present, rather than from a sport based point-of-view.

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Gross Motor Control Dynamics

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Under the stress of a combative self-defense encounter, the human body often experiences what are known as physiological stress symptoms. These include the loss of fine-motor skill and the ability to perform complex motions. With a focus on gross-motor techniques and large joint manipulation, this course trains each participant in recognizing simple index points for gross-motor control, then utilizing those points to perform a handful of takedowns to control (and cuffing when applicable.) With a focus on a couple of “go-to” techniques that are relatively simple yet effective, we train certain contingency techniques that address the most common type of resistance and how to use that resistance to flow into other techniques.

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