How to be an Affiliate?

TRICOM licensing & affiliation details



Over the past 2 decades, the TRICOM system has become an integral part of various law enforcement departments, military organizations and executive protection agencies on a global scale. TRICOM has been adopted and accepted by some of the world’s most elite police and military organizations around the world, and is accredited on its own merits.

Our affiliates are located all over the world and constitute a community of legitimate TRICOM representatives united around constantly varied, intense, functional training, and pooling reliable knowledge and resources from the TRICOM System.

For more than two decades, we’ve helped thousands to increase their capacity to protect themselves and their loved ones, to excel in their training and teaching methods and become functionally and technically skilled through TRICOM. It changed the face of Self Defense Training & Combatives and will continue to change lives as our affiliate community grows.

If you want to acquire the skills, already vetted, trusted, and utilized by elite special forces around the world, without having to go through years and years of training in the process - the answer is TRICOM.

Instructor Program

Why Become a TRICOM Affiliate?

A first question to ask yourself is, “Why exactly do I want to become a TRICOM affiliate?”.

The goal of TRICOM is not to show what we have been successful in doing, but rather teach others what THEY are CAPABLE of doing.

We want as many of our protectors in uniform, martial artists, and defense-minded civilians as possible to have access to the TRICOM Advantage.

So, if you want to make an impact on your community, make a positive difference in people’s lives, become part of a global network of TRICOM Affiliates, and build your life around that vision, we recommend you learn more about how to make this happen.

We’re here for you every step of the way. We have an unparalleled network of people, products, and services designed to support the TRICOM affiliate community. We’ve got you covered. With our vast network of affiliates worldwide and our team of field support professionals, we are dedicated to supporting you in your journey as much as you need.

What You Get

Depending on the License you choose from the TRICOM License chart, TRICOM Affiliation allows you to legally use the TRICOM name, and offer TRICOM training at a physical location. Your school or department can easily host TRICOM events, and we’ll help you market your school by placing it on our TRICOM Affiliate World Map and Official TRICOM Affiliate list, where thousands of people go to find a TRICOM Training facility in their area.

You’ll also receive professional support from the TRICOM Admin Team on any technical issues or other specific and general questions. We are dedicated to thoroughly protecting the quality of the TRICOM brand and those licensed to use the TRICOM name.

Licensing & Affiliation Chart

How to Affiliate

Once you’ve obtained Instructor Certification for the TRICOM Fundamentals course and/or you have joined the online TRICOM Instructor Program, you are eligible to become an Official TRICOM Affiliate. If your application and name are approved, you’ll be eligible to purchase the TRICOM License of your choice and sign the Affiliate License Agreement to become part of the growing community of TRICOM Affiliates.

The Application Process is integrated into the selection procedure of the TRICOM Instructor Program where you start by filling out the intake form. There are no right or wrong answers, but we want to get to know you and why you want to become a TRICOM Instructor and Affiliate. Fill out all questions thoroughly and submit. 

Once the application has been submitted, you will hear back from our onboarding team and get on a call with a TRICOM Master Instructor. From there, you’ll get detailed instructions on the next steps.

Affiliation Requirements

Check these requirements you’ll need to meet for the TRICOM Affiliation process.

  1. Get Instructor Certified in one or more of our TRICOM Modules. To do so, you’ll need to either get started online through the TRICOM Instructor Program or join an in-person TRICOM Instructor Certification seminar. A TRICOM Instructor Certificate is valid for one year. To keep your affiliation status, you must keep your Instructor Certification up to date.
  2. Application: Make sure to fill out the intake form that is part of the application process for the TRICOM Instructor Program. 
  3. Name: Your TRICOM Affiliate Name must be approved before you do anything else.

Once the TRICOM Affiliation Agreement is signed, you’ll receive a link to purchase the TRICOM License of your choice. After the TRICOM Team has received your payment, your license agreement will be sent to the email you applied with and will require an e-signature. 

Once completed you are all set and ready to start advertising and marketing your new affiliate! 



Send an email to [email protected] or reach out to one of the TRICOM Master Instructors through our Support Group.


Joe "Badger" Suarez

Corrections Officer


"The TRICOM program in my opinion is by far the best training anyone who works in a law enforcement capacity can receive. Jared has created a system of self defense and control tactics using his experience as a police officer, SWAT member, and martial artist that is specifically meant for law enforcement and security to overcome the violent situations they may encounter. The simplicity of this training makes the information being instructed easy to retain leading to better trained and prepared officers giving them a more effective approach to handle an aggressive situation in a safe and controlled manner to reduce the chance of injury to the officer and subject being brought into custody alike. I can personally tell you that the tactical clinch techniques have helped me take control of several non-compliant inmates and intoxicated individuals safely without injury."



Damien Harrison



"I was dispatched to a theft investigation and contacted the suspect, who surprisingly lied to me about her involvement in the incident. Once the truth (and stolen property) was found in her bedroom I went back to her walkway, where she was with my backing officer. I advised her she was under arrest and her response was “F*** you! Don’t touch me!” and proceeded to run into her home.

I was able to grab her left arm before she was able to close the door. She turned to strike me, but I was able to apply the standing arm bar before she completed her action. This resulted in her being forcefully assisted into the prone position and taken into custody. Of course, she made multiple complaints to the mayor’s office that I forced my way into her home and beat her up.

This technique has been a go-to for me and has been used multiple times over the years. I know it’s not a guaranteed thing, but it hasn’t failed me yet."



Luis Amaral

Policia Civil de SP



"My first contact with TRICOM was during training days in Cottonwood Heights UT, with Tuhon Jared exposing positions, controlling suspects, I have worked on the front line for 30 years, I make arrests, a search warrant, transport of prisoners and without a doubt, TRICOM is by far the technique that has helped me a lot to do my job more efficiently and with less risk.

Every year I was able to participate in the training in TRICOM in Salt Lake City, training with other policemen from different parts of the world, exchanging experiences and all absorbing the same techniques to control reactive suspects or not.

My police agency is in Brazil and I can assure you that TRICOM has made a difference in my work. Greater confidence and more effectively when needed.

I have shared this technique with my colleagues and everyone comments very well about TRICOM."